Certification ISO 9001


The acronym ISO comes from the International Organization for Standardization, that is, the international standardization organization. It is a non-governmental organization present in about 120 countries. This organization was founded in 1947 in Geneva, Switzerland, and its function is to promote the standardization of products and services so that their quality is always improved. In Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) is the body that represents ISO.

The ISO 9001 series is a set of technical standards that form a quality management model for organizations that can certify their management systems through certification bodies.

At the office, the documents and actions of the QMS (Quality Management System) are managed via & nbsp; electronic system. Control of any critical points, training and analysis of customer satisfaction are examples of the requirements met by the firm.

The certificate is the document that attests the conformity of the quality system implanted in a company according to the requirements of the series norms.

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